We (a 20-person mixture of Koreans and Europeans) went on a relaxing vacation before the midterms, to tiny Jebu Island, just south of Seoul. A lovely trip with lots of new experiences;

Renting a room and finding it well equipped; e.g. both stove and separate rice-cooker – but since the lack of beds, chairs and tables, we slept ‘Korean-style’ on the plain (but cozily heated) floor.

Had a great morning-swim in the Yellow Sea before the Island woke up. Conclusion: the water is neither yellow, nor does it smell yellow. However, the taste did I leave for you to examine…

Played ‘Soju-Monopoly’, a nice evolution where all investments and fees are paid in shots. My tactics worked fine and we got to see the other two teams empty one bottle after the other :)

Yellow Sea