The global climate change is a frequent visitor at Swedish “Fika”-tables. But in Korea is the presence of climate changes not limited to discussions.

I happily concluded that shorts, t-shirt and slippers were the proper clothing during the first days of November. Now, less than three weeks later, are people dressing like Eskimos and today I was greeted by a few dozens falling snow flakes!

So despite that Seoul and Madrid shares latitude, and Korea’s lovely fall with its beautiful colors and warm weather, are the facts doubtless: the temperature drops comes in 10 degree-steps, and it might be time to reconsider Korea as a four season-country…

On the other hand –not saying that the global warming is a good thing!– are there some positive spin-offs, such as the one Mr Putin commented in NY Times a month ago. Not least Korea will gain from this, placed next to the new passage and having the world’s 6th largest shipping industry in terms of merchant fleet tonnage (2007).
Data from Korea Maritime Institute, map of maritime transportation borrowed from MarTrans.


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