After this holy day that got celebrated with two exams, and due to the lack of updates here recently, is it time to share my present status:

3 of 5 final exams handed in
6 of 7 parallel courses completed
1 of 2 semesters of hard but fun studies passed (ok, soon!)
1 exam scheduled tomorrow
1 apartment to empty and leave tomorrow
…and for the observant mathematician (3+1<>5) can I add that my last exam will be less ordinary; I will take it on an altitude of 10 000 meters, on the flight to Bali. Hope the grade will be high too ;)

But most important of all: <30h until my arrival in Shanghai! Bye bye Korea, see you again around February 25th :)

Saint Lucia’s Day

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One Response to “Saint Lucia’s Day”

  1. Magnus:

    Woho! Congrats brother!
    And today it´s just a week until Bali, insane!
    Good luck with your final exams and enjoy China! Talk to you soon!