Now I’ve been living the life of a backpacker for a week, in China! A really interesting country that I obviously have just gotten the chance to scratch on the surface.
Through the intense days in Shanghai and Beijing have I found a couple of significant differences compared to Korea:

• The prices are much lower! Divide by three and you have a clue
• China is accustomed to tourists –so phenomena such as beggars, nagging and people trying to fool you into shops do exist
• People are not at all as friendly here as in Korea, and lack skills in interpersonal behavior
• Koreans are more beautiful. That is both the widespread opinion here (according to Johan) but also consistent with my personal verdict
• One thing that I r-e-a-l-l-y miss from Korea is their total absence of robbery, pickpocketing, etc. In that sense is Korea totally fantastic
• Everything is so clean! The only cigarette butts I saw were still smoldering.

Hard to say which country I would like best if I had spent the same amount of time in them, but right now I prefer Korea. Luckily :)


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