Outdoor is the weather like any awesome Swedish summer day; 27 degrees and clear blue sky. Having dad here was great, and in just a few days will some friends that I stayed with in Singapore come to Seoul. Sounds great doesn’t it? There is just one problem; their 4 month long summer vacation, has already started while I am still studying for a midterm exam.
Hence, these days are spent indoor – struggling to keep sharp in mind and the focus on how to best implement kernel density gradient estimations, the pros and cons with the generalized Hough transform and how to describe those hidden virtual layers in artificial neural networks.
Now, don’t get me wrong; it is interesting, just not exciting enough to make me feel “Yay!”…

Stay focused

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One Response to “Stay focused”

  1. Daddy and Mum:

    Stay focused! We know that is one of your strenght! Even you, our dear son, will from time to now realise that a human weaknees is just that. Not to be focused! However it is also a benefit to realize that all of us are humans! Good and bad.
    Please use it to your benefit, take a brake and then go back to the task you have set up for yourself, however dont be to harsh, remember you are (just) a human being. We love you and are impessed! There is nothing you have to prove!