This blog was set up with the purpose of informing my family and friends of my life outside Sweden; starting with my life as a student at Kyung Hee University in Seoul, South Korea, where I stayed between August 2011 and June 2012. Nowadays it is covering the progress and happenings throughout my thesis-writing, a report that was written in Sweden, Kenya, Rwanda and Ghana between August and December 2012. The latest category, that is currently being posted to, regard my vacation and temporary work placement in and around Thailand. Beside being a forum for my family and friends, the blog also act as my own memory-notebook, which actually is the most important reason for posting here.

Possibly you know my name already…but who is Erik? If I may answer myself, I’m a rather social and open-minded guy anno 1987 with an attraction of getting to know new people. I’ve grown up in Lund and moved to Linköping 2007 where I studied Industrial Engineering and Management at Linköping University; a five year MSc-programme. With the four first years completed, the good old campus Valla felt slightly too well-known and it was time to try something new: South Korea. That year was great fun and I think I grew a lot as person, thus it became an appetizer for continued traveling – which I nowadays enjoy as much as possible! My first-ever employment started the day after graduation, in which a few months during the first year are spent outside Sweden, based in Thailand.

If you have any questions or remarks, please feel free to post them as comments or send them via email to me at hello@erikwinther.se. Further contact information is found at erikwinther.se.

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