The picture I linked to in the post “Hello?..!” repeats what needs to be repeated. Despite our beloved “information society”, objective and complete information is still unavailable.

Not convinced? I’ll give you the phone number to any of my current neighbours so they can explain the real Somalia-story that started years before their fishermen became pirates. Then you’ll understand why residents in Kenya’s northern costal cities celebrates on September 11…

Information & incentives

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Just received a call from number 501. Answered sceptically since it is midnight. Heard Johan & John in the other end! A happy surprise from my friends in Stockholm :)

An hour earlier I got a confirmation from Ali (entrepreneur in NYC) that he is well and happened to be in Miami during the storm; good! Too bad everyone wasn’t as lucky; inside US and outside.

Picture showing one of Indonesia’s volcanoes with me and a local travel-mate in eastern Java.


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