Erik's eye, picture shot by Magnus - Erik Winther 2012
As most of you already know, I signed a contract with Saab Aeronautics some thirty days ago. The final interview, their recruitment process comprised six steps, took place in the majestic building that used to be the embassy of Czechoslovakia, following e.g. online-testing and an interview by the Swedish Security Service (SÄPO).

Thus, my business cards from February 11 and 13-14 months onwards call me “Trainee: Business Development and Sales”. That is one of the coolest positions I could think of, as it regards business strategy from a hands-on perspective by focusing on the future products. And those are to be the output of a company with extreme front-edge technology and offices in >100 countries; in which I get to sit and come up with ideas of how to bundle and sell it all. Sweet!


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