Scent marked streetlight in Sydney - Erik Winther 2014
I have so far avoided the subject here as it is politically very complex, and therefore is my short comment easily misunderstood or misinterpreted, but I just can’t ignore it.

What Russia is doing on Crimea these days is awful and unacceptable. Yet they got away with the very same thing in Georgia 2008 when they moved in and took a piece of land; receiving nothing but empty and worthless complaints from the global society. But let me skip the case-specifics.

I would really want to live in a weapon-free world. But, unfortunately, I do not believe the world is homogeneously good-hearted. Therefore, a weapon destruction contract will not work as everyone will not destruct all their weapons at once; leaving the world much less safe as the ’bad guys’ will be far superior in armament – thus also in political power. Power that they, from time to time, will make use of for their very own benefits; in a more or less discretely fashion.

And just as the dogs’ scent markings on and around the photographed streetlight in Sydney result in dead grass, Russia’s wanton behaviour creates irreparable scars on and around Ukraine.

Scent marking Ukraine

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